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Finally another update: WIP 1/72 King Tiger

May 24, 2007

The last 3 weeks have been an airbrush nightmare. It all started when I tried to airbrush the camo on the tank. Sputter everywhere. Different settings didn’t help and I believe (not so sure now) that the cleaner I used had too much ammonia and it damaged my seals. So I ordered new parts, almost a whole new airbrush, since the airbrush body got damaged trying to get a seal out of it. The first airbrush body I got was defective and had to get a replacement. After the replacement came, everything new in hand, no liquid (no paint, no thinner, no water) would come out of the brush. I tried everything I knew and things other people suggested. Finally after a talk with the manufacturer I was told to send it in to see what was wrong with it. That was yesterday. Last night I decided to give it another try and all of a sudden it works properly, but only with the medium tip and needle, the fine one won’t work (my guess is that it probably has a tiny bend). So I airbrushed my camo and here are the results.

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