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Oh No!!! I am a rivet counter!

November 8, 2007

To me modeling is about fun, even though I build models that represent machines used at some point in history I am not crazy about accuracy. Yes, zimmerit on a tank is one thing, but the number of bolts on a drive sprocket or the angle of the front armor is another, you get the idea, I hope. I would like to consider that I am not a rivet counter…

So today the omnipresent truth came out. I play a video game called Company of Heroes, the best real time strategy game ever, I recommend it. The game is based on World War II and follows the campaign of Able Company (I actually did some research and an Able Company did exist and landed on Omaha Beach during D-Day, 1944, but whether or not the game’s campaign has anything to do with their real experience I don’t know – and don’t care too much, it’s a video game) who battled their way through Normandy. The game is about a year old so I finished the campaign a long time ago, I just play the skirmish mode sometimes… this is when it hit me, I was waiting for the game to load and I took a look at the loading screen, which shows an scene of the men of Able Company taking shots (with rifles – crazy) at a German Tiger I. I started studying the tank and noticed that it had smoke candle launchers… but wait a second, those weren’t in service in 1944!

Oh the realization… I have become a rivet counter looking for errors in a kick ass video game…

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  1. November 9, 2007 12:37 pm

    My father was a huge antique car fan. If there was a movie with antique cars in it he would have a flurry of comments:

    That car wasn’t built for years after the time teh movie supposedly took place.

    That car is the wrong color.

    The exhaust is wrong on that car.

    Those are the wrong tires for that car.

    They never used those cars for taxis.

    They never used those cars for police cars.


    The truth is, you absorb information when study up on things. You’re not at a new level of knowledge. When movies and games are being put together, they should put in that same research you did. But it makes it fun when you know the inside inaccuracies. You are above the masses, which is a whole new level of coolness and fun. Nothing wrong with that!

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