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WIP: Tiger I late, ready for weathering.

April 20, 2008

I’ve worked on this model quite a bit the last week. Airbrushed the dark yellow base coat as well as the red brown camouflage, both with Tamiya acrylics. I primed the tracks with Krylon grey primer, which is quite dark, and then sprayed a light coat of earth color, so that the finish is not uniform, turned out pretty well in my opinion. I installed the tracks, which for some reason were a link short on one side (they were ok when I first assembled them). Painted all tools and cables and gave the whole model a coat of Future in preparation for the weathering. I also did some experiments for the rusted exhauts, you can see the result after 4 layers of paint (light pink acrylic base, dark brown oil paint in random dots, raw umber watercolor glaze, red brown acrylic glaze)

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  1. April 21, 2008 9:52 am

    I got to see this WIP live and in person on Friday in Brooklyn. It looks amazing. I can’t wait for the next meeting to see the next step.

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