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Freedom Fighter

July 10, 2009

For Ashes (1997-2009).

I really miss you furry girl.

This vignette was made in honor of the anonymous freedom fighters of the Animal Liberation Front that risk it all to release those that deserve better from us.

Until all of us are free…

To learn more about the issues please visit:

Recommended reading:
Terrorists or freedom fighters?

About the model: The freedom fighter was made with parts from the four figures in the infantry kit and heavily re-positioned and re-sculpted with Tamiya epoxy putty. The figure was painted with a base of Floquil weathered black and Tamiya acrylics and later shaded with oils. The chicken in his arms was also modified for a better fit with a Dremel tool. The boltcutters come from a 1/35 Pz.IV kit.  The other two chickens are OOB. All are painted with Tamiya acrylics. The base is one half of the packaging on an iPod nano. The side of the shed was made with Evergreen styrene and wire mesh. The soil is from the garage around my apartment building. It was painted with Tamiya acrylics and the hairspray technique was used to do the paint chipping on the shed. The grass is a mix of static grass and long grass from Woodland Scenics. The message on the wall was hand painted with a fine paintbrush.

FINISHED: Ma.K. Prowler

May 15, 2009

It’s as done as it will be for now. I am not totally happy with the figure, but given that I am kind of new to figures I feel the job is decent. It’s acrylic base with shadows in oils. I need more practice in this field.

WIP: Ma.K. Prowler. Weathering almost complete.

May 6, 2009

I have worked quite a bit on this kit since the last update. Time consuming paint chipping process with several colors and techniques, the same I usually do for armor. The interior is almost done too but I don’t like it too much, I was hoping to achieve the distressed leather couch look but it didn’t work too well. Next up is painting and then the pilot’s head, which will be the most challenging.

1/48 Sdkfz 251/1 – Schützenpanzerwagen Ausf. C

April 12, 2009

Just got this kit from AFV and I plan to try some new painting techniques on it. Mainly color modulation and hairspray technique. My first winter white wash. More to come soon.

WIP: Ma.K. Prowler

March 22, 2009

Some progress on the Prowler. The thrusters were replaced for aluminum ones, since the plastic ones have a really bad seam in the middle. Did some welds with epoxy putty but I think they are a bit overscale, but not too bad. I primed it after the pics and found a few flaws that need fixing. I almost put myself on a deadline again, but no, if this can’t be finished for the Seattle IPMS Spring Show, then so be it.